#1 – 1 on 1 Interaction. In cyber school, students are not receiving nearly the amount of personalized attention that they would in-person. As teachers and students navigate our “new normal”, students can benefit from individual interaction where they can feel free to ask questions in a safe space. 

#2 – Parents Too! Tutoring supports not only students, but also parents! Bring in an expert for a subject you may not be entirely comfortable teaching. When homeschooling/ cyber schooling, students can get the support they need for even the tough subjects such as math or science. Let us take some of the pressure off of homeschooling or online school homework packets and work on the difficult subjects with your student!

#3 – SAT Prep. If you are homeschooling or cyber schooling a high schooler, the thought of preparing them for SATs can be daunting. Personalized SAT prep tutoring sessions will ensure that your high schooler is prepared for these important tests, even during a pandemic! 

#4 – In-Person, Safe Sessions. While schools may be shut down in the fall, our tutoring sessions are offered both online AND in-person. Our in-person sessions are conducted in masks and with all sanitization and safety measures possible. This gives students an opportunity to interact in-person with a tutor rather than learning entirely online. It also gives homeschooling parents a well deserved break from all the work they’re putting in every day!