The past few weeks have been challenging for all of us in so many ways, and we have tried to maintain whatever sense of normalcy and routine we can. With everyone isolated at home for at least six more weeks, now is a better time than ever to start or continue instrumental lessons ONLINE! Here are five of our favorite benefits of online lessons:



    Kids are home from school and parents are home from work, making it tough to keep a consistent routine. Online lessons not only put a set block of time on the calendar each week to work with your teacher- they also offer the opportunity to schedule practice time each day! 


    It’s easy to spend these new hours of free time binge-watching Netflix or playing video games, so making music would be a welcome relief! Online lessons are the perfect way to keep your kids occupied with something constructive and will give them a creative outlet that doesn’t use the TV!


    Weekly lessons give students ample time to practice their material and for their teachers to reinforce old concepts while introducing new ones. Taking a break for any significant period of time inevitably leads to a loss of progress that can be hard to reverse- staying consistent with online lessons is the best solution!


    Being cooped up at home for weeks on end can take a toll on anyone’s mood, but online lessons offer a refreshing window to normalcy. The same way we feel rejuvenated after FaceTiming a friend or taking a walk, a video lesson is a fun way to break up the day! Our teachers look forward to seeing their students as well and are loving this new online platform.


    Whether you are new to music entirely or want to brush up on old skills, is there any better time to start lessons than right now?! We are offering 10% off your first month of online lessons, and each of our teachers is available to start new students!


Want to learn more about online lessons or schedule with one of our amazing teachers? Click the button below to get started!