Recital season is approaching, and I’m sure you’ve had the talk with your child about whether or not they want to participate. It’s easy to allow your child to opt out of performing in recitals for one reason or another: performance anxiety, relative inexperience with music, or they simply don’t want to, but at Valotta Studios, we firmly believe that every child should participate in recitals! Here are our top five reasons why:


1. Recitals help students gain confidence in front of an audience. The personal and individual benefits of studying music are numerous, but one of our favorite parts of playing an instrument is getting to share it with our friends, family, and loved ones. Practicing alone is easy, but performing in front of others is a little more difficult. Our small, intimate recitals give students the opportunity to practice sharing their skills in front of an audience and become more comfortable doing so. Additionally, being comfortable in front of an audience in a musical setting prepares your child for all future scenarios in which they would need to be in front of an audience, like school presentations or speeches.


2. Recitals help students goal-set in lessons. Goal setting is an incredible skill that will serve your student for the rest of their life. Having the ability to set reasonable goals and see them come to fruition helps build confidence, renew enthusiasm in their musical endeavors, and maintain motivation in practicing.


3. Recitals instill a feeling of accomplishment and pride in students. Nothing feels better than succeeding at something you’ve worked towards for months! Music is no different. Hearing the applause after nailing a piece you’ve worked on for a long time instills pride in students and motivates them to continue to improve in their lessons!


4. Recitals provide an opportunity to hear students’ peers perform. Individualized instruction is one of the greatest components of private music lessons. However, that one-on-one time with the teacher comes at the cost of not hearing what other students are working on. Recitals are an incredible chance to celebrate the music made by your friends! Music is a collaborative experience, and nothing showcases that like our recitals!


5. Performing in multiple recitals a year allow students, teachers, and loved ones to hear marked improvement. As a teacher, one of the most common questions I hear when I talk to parents about their child’s progress is “Is my child improving?” That’s when I realized that many parents don’t always get to hear their child practice! Recitals allow parents to hear the improvements their child has made since their last performance.


Here at Valotta Studios, we love recital season because of all of the positive benefits we listed above. If your child is hesitant about performing in recitals this year, take a few minutes and have a conversation with them about what performing in a recital could do for them. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher! We are so excited to hear all the wonderful music our students have been working on this season!