Here at Valotta Studios, we are ready for summer! We’re tired of grey skies and random chilly days and are so looking forward to some sun. Each summer, some of our families choose to take the season off of lessons, which makes sense, right? If your child is on break from school, they should be on break from summer music lessons too, right? We don’t think so! Here are our top six reasons to stay in lessons over the summer:


  1. Summer lessons prevent regression. If you learned a skill, then didn’t practice that skill for 3 months, how good do you think you’d be at it when you picked it back up? Probably not very good. Staying in music lessons over the summer, even if infrequently, helps students stay sharp on their skills and prevents the frustration of having to re-learn! We find many students who take a break in the summer spend their first 1 to 2 months back getting back to their spring semester skill level, rather than learning new material.

  2. Distractions are limited in the summer. Summer vacation is the perfect time to increase lessons or practice time because the stresses of schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and standardized testing are gone. In fact, many of our summer students experience periods of accelerated progress, meaning that they get even better faster!

  3. Summer lessons provide weekly structure for students. Everything changes in the summer. Kids don’t have to get up early for school, and their schedule can be all out-of-whack. Having a music lesson at the same time every week brings structure to kids’ schedules and provides an activity to look forward to!

  4. Students can pick up a new instrument over the summer! Because of the limited number of distractions, the summer is the perfect time to discover a passion for a new instrument. As always, we have discounts and specials available for new students as well as current students picking up a new instrument!

  5. Summer lessons help students prepare for school ensembles. Many schools’ music programs start the year off with auditions for ensemble placement and hit the ground running with new material. As kids get older, their ensemble music becomes more advanced. Staying in lessons over the summer keeps students’ skills sharp and prepares them effectively for whatever material they receive once school starts back up.

  6. Summer lessons are flexible. We totally get it; summer is short, and many families jam pack as many camps, vacations, and excursions in as possible before school begins in the fall. We are completely supportive of this! All you have to do is give us your dates out in advance, and we’d be happy to work around your schedule. We won’t be upset if you need to take a few weeks off.


Keeping lessons consistent in the summer is ESSENTIAL to musicians of any age, and we can’t wait for another great summer of music and learning!