SAT Prep Classes: 10th – 12th Grade

The next SAT testing dates are right around the corner and Valotta Studios is now offering custom-tailored SAT Preparation classes to help your high schooler master the skills and strategies they need to show up on test day feeling calm, confident and ready to succeed.

As the new school year begins, we are currently only offering individual SAT Prep tutoring sessions. As the December SAT test approaches, we will announce the schedule for our small group SAT Refresher Courses.

Through Valotta Studios, students will become familiar with the latest SAT format, section instructions and pacing through realistic testing experiences which build endurance and speed. Review and evaluation of practice tests will ensure that instruction is targeted at needed areas. A binder of review materials and practice tests and helpful tips will be provided for each student at the first session.

If your high schooler is looking for a small-sized class of their peers to help them prepare and receive more individual attention than the standard large classes offered in school, call us today!

For more information about our SAT Prep Tutoring program, including pricing and scheduling, please complete the form below or call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751!