Adaptive Lessons are private music lessons taught by a music therapist and are intended for students with learning differences and/or special needs who are interested in learning to sing or play an instrument. At Valotta Studios, Adaptive Lessons are facilitated by one of our board-certified music therapists, using a teaching format that is specialized to the student to accommodate their individual learning differences and/or special needs in each lesson. Examples of these adaptations are slowing the pace of teaching to provide additional processing time, adjusting the expectations and outcomes, offering periodic breaks during lessons, and any other adaptation that the individual may need.

If you aren’t sure if adaptive lessons are the best fit for your student see our chart below to learn how Adaptive Lessons differ from both typical private lessons and music therapy services!

For more information about our Adaptive Lesson program, please call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751, or email us at Info.ValottaStudios@gmail.com today!