Kindermusik has become a hugely popular staple in early childhood education and as a part of our school year group classes. However, with the summer months approaching it is an ideal time to stay involved or give Kindermusik a try! Valotta Studios in Chester Springs is offering a Kindermusik summer session on Wednesday mornings in June, July and August.

During the school year, Kindermusik classes at Valotta Studios are divided by age ranges. This way each class can focus solely on the developmental stages of students at those ages. What is different and fantastic about the summer session is that it is a family style class, meaning all ages work together in one class! What makes this spectacular? Well, it’s a new set of skills for your child. They are not just focusing on motor and verbal skills, but now they are working on sharing and learning from older kids.

The summer session is particularly wonderful for families with multiple siblings. You can bring all of your children to one class in the summer with a focus on sharing and working together, not just “Mommy and me” bonding (even though that is still a big part)! Anything to help get the kids working together, right moms?

If you are new to Kindermusik, the summer is such a great time to try out the class. The short session is great to try without a long term commitment. The class is always filled with kind moms in the same shoes as yours when a toddler throws a fit or tries something new! Our summer program also offers flexible scheduling! It is easy to take a week or two off as needed for summer vacations. Check out Valotta Studios summer Kindermusik program today!