Piano Performers, available for early and late intermediate players, is a unique way for students to play music and develop their independent piano skills. Being able to play as an individual is necessary for a student to develop, but even more important is being able to play along with others! During this semester-long class, students will explore and play several pieces in order to learn how to work as a team in order to make music. This experience will be one that students will not want to miss!

Both classes meet for 45 minutes over the course of a 12-week semester followed by a Winter Concert. Piano Performers Jr. is geared towards early intermediate students while Piano Performers is geared towards later intermediate students. Regular tuition is $300 for the 12-week semester and is due on the first day of class. Fall 2020 schedule coming soon!

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Piano Performers is open to students age 7 and older. For more information on our Piano Performers groups, including pricing and enrollment, call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751 or email us at Info.ValottaStudios@gmail.com today!