The vision of Valotta Studios was born when Nadine Valotta was taking private lessons in 6th grade at an arts school in New Jersey. Inspired by all the art on the walls as well as the friendly faces and sounds around her, Nadine was determined to open her own fine arts center where people of all ages could learn and love their craft. Driven to make her dream a reality, Nadine attended West Chester University for her Bachelors and Masters in Music Education. At the same time, Nadine opened her very first studio in 2008 in her home and began teaching flute and piano lessons. In 2012, Valotta Studios outgrew her home and our first studio was born in Eagle Village. A decade was spent thriving in Eagle Village as Nadine and her staff developed the mission and identity of Valotta Studios. New programs were added, new families became part of the journey, and the business continued to grow tremendously to the point where several expansions were necessary. In 2022, Valotta Studio opened its new, state-of-the-art doors in the beautiful Eagleview Town Center. We are extremely fortunate and grateful to have such an incredible group of families and staff to help Valotta Studios realize its full potential each day!

Nadine Valotta’s mission for the studio is to create a warm and loving environment to cultivate any student’s interest in the arts. It is never too early or too late to start a new musical adventure, so activities for ​ALL ages have become an integral part of the studio’s design. Along with creating a love for the arts, Valotta Studios strives to uphold ​its commitment to providing ​the best education a student could possibly receive from dedicated professionals. All teachers are handpicked and trained to make lessons and group classes educational and fun! At Valotta Studios, there truly is something for everyone, so call or visit us today and begin your own musical adventure!