This upcoming school year, we are thrilled to offer a Homeschool Music & Art program for 1st through 6th graders here at Valotta Studios! Our connection to our community includes hundreds of students across all learning settings, from public to parochial to private schools and a sizable group of homeschool families as well, and we are happy to be able to play a part in helping your kids reach their fullest potential through education. In our homeschool co-op program, classes will be split into two groups, with 1st – 3rd graders in Group 1 and 4th – 6th graders in Group 2. Classes will run through the Fall and Spring semesters on Wednesday afternoons. The core classes of Music and Art will be taught by highly trained and certified teachers with each class running an hour in length. There is an option to add yoga for PE before the Music/Art classes, as well as a group piano class or private music lessons scheduled after the core classes. Please check below to learn more about our schedule and class options!


Fall Semester (15 Weeks)

September 13th – December 20th

Spring Semester (15 Weeks)

January 17th – May 1st (No class on March 27th)

Yoga (optional PE class): 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
Music (Group 1) & Art (Group 2): 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Music (Group 2) & Art (Group 1): 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Group Piano Lessons (optional and available only to Group 1): 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM
Private Music Lessons (optional and available to all students): 3:00 PM and onward throughout the week!


Music (Core Class)
$225 per semester – $15 per week for 15 weeks

The music portion of the day will cover various music methodologies from Kodaly, Orff and Dalcorze while also covering general music concepts. The fall semester will focus on a specific time period in music and the spring semester will have students studying music from a specific continent. Students will have the opportunity to sing, play instruments, dance and participate in music games in a general music education setting.  


Art (Core Class)
$225 per semester – $15 per week for 15 weeks

The art portion of the day will consist of all different mediums and techniques from sketching, watercolor, painting, craft, clay and more! Students will learn to express themselves visually as they build their portfolio and form a connection with their art. The end of each semester will conclude with an art show display of the students’ work. 


(optional class)
$90 per semester – $15 per week for 6 weeks

Our yoga classes are designed to incorporate physical practice (asana), breath work (pranayama,) various yoga games, music, journaling, and mindfulness through storytelling. Each six-week session will be tailored to one group as a time. No prior experience is necessary, but students should wear comfortable clothing (think gym class) and be sure to bring a water bottle. We will have a few yoga mats on hand, but feel free to bring your own as well. The end of each semester will include a combined class to celebrate all that we have learned together.

Yoga Schedule:

Fall Semester

Group 1: September 13th – October 18th (6 weeks)

Group 2: November 1st – December 13th (6 weeks) *No class on November 22nd

Holiday Yoga Party for all students: December 20th

Spring Semester

Group 1: January 17th – February 21st (6 weeks)

Group 2: March 6th – April 24th (6 weeks) *No class on March 20th or 27th

End of the Year Celebration for all students: May 1st


Group Piano Lessons (optional class)
$300 per semester – $20 per week for 15 weeks (includes books)

Designed for beginners, this small group class will focus on teaching students the basics of piano playing, theory, composition and improvisation. Students will get to explore different kinds of music, play games that reinforce note and rhythm reading, and cheer each other on! There are many benefits to group piano lessons, such as building confidence in playing for others, socialization with students sharing the same interests, as well as collaboration and teamwork. Group Piano Lessons is open to our 1st – 3rd graders and follows the same schedule as our core Music & Art classes each semester.


Private Music Lessons (optional)

We have been so fortunate to expand our studio’s services to music therapy, art classes, summer camps, academic tutoring, yoga and more over the past 11 years, but we have always been rooted in private music lessons! Our staff of 40+ instructors work with more than 500 students each week and we offer lessons for nearly every instrument starting as young as preschool. Please contact John Ericsson, our Director of Operations, at to learn more or to schedule your lessons today!

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Homeschool Music & Art Classes are open to 1st – 6th grade students. For more information on this class, including pricing and enrollment, please call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751 or email us at today!