Meet all of the wonderful teachers at Valotta Studios!

Nadine Valotta-Badasarian
Owner & Director of Education
Flute & Piano

John Ericsson
Director of Operations
Bass, Guitar, & Violin

Abby Searer
Piano & Voice

Abby Stratton
Piano, Viola, & Violin

Aimee Cyran
Toddler & Yoga Classes

Alex Polidoro
Piano & Ukulele

Amanda Erno
Piano, Tiny Tots, Ukulele, & Voice

Art Diamond
Drums & Percussion, Electric Bass

Becca Rock
Piano & Voice

Cassidy O’Donnell
Single Reeds & Piano

Donnie Spackman
Drums & Percussion

Dylan Langschwager
Electric Bass & Guitar

Elizabeth Basoff
Piano & Violin

Emily Alberici, MT-BC
Adaptive Lessons & Music Therapy

Emily McDonald
Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, & Viola

Eric Johnsen
Guitar & Piano

Eric Papa
Clarinet & Saxophone

Esther Brink
Piano & Strings

Hannah Atlas
Piano & Voice

Hannah Messerschmidt
Piano, Tiny Tots, Violin, & Voice

Jacqueline Kelly
Piano & Voice

Jennifer Smollinger
Lead Hiring & Development Specialist of Education, Piano

Jill Daiuto
Office Administrator

John Hoey
Guitar, Trumpet, & Voice

Katy Harmes, MT-BC
Music Therapy

Leo Salatti
Piano & Voice

Marco Newsome
Guitar & Piano

Maria Bradlee
General Elementary & Middle School Tutoring

Matthew Sidilau
Brass & Piano

Michael Kraft
Guitar & Violin

Nicholas Santangelo
Drums & Percussion

Rachel Wilkin
Piano & Voice

Sam Fingerman
Flute & Piano

Sara Powell
Piano & Saxophone

Shane Hurley
Piano & Voice