The start of a new year is a time of contemplation, reflection, and renewed energy–we begin the year hopeful to improve ourselves in our professions, studies, habits, and hobbies. Here at Valotta Studios, many of our teachers discuss ways to improve our students’ musicality in the new year by helping them set musical resolutions!

Musical resolutions are a great way to renew enthusiasm in learning an instrument—they provide incentive to practice effectively and give students a goal to work toward, and give an unparalleled feeling of accomplishment once a milestone has been achieved.

Our students aren’t the only ones who use the New Year as an opportunity to evaluate their musical journey and set goals for the upcoming year. Take a look at the goals a few of our teachers have set for themselves as musicians and as teachers for 2018!

“I really want to get better at playing piano! My goal for this year is to accompany my voice students for their recitals in the spring and fall semesters. Practicing voice leading and inversions will be key for me to successfully play over 30 different songs easily and efficiently.” – Miss Jill

“In 2018, I’d like to work on finding new and creative ways to make drum lessons more fun for my younger students.” – Miss Trish

“As a musician, I want to stop procrastinating practicing until it’s too close to the performance. As a teacher, I want to continue learning how to adapt my teaching style to different age groups.” – Miss Arden

“I want to get smoother and more consistent in my finger-style guitar playing in 2018!” – Mr. John

“This year, I want to become more confident in my ability to play scales in order to be a better role model for my young piano students.” – Miss Abby

Use this opportunity to sit down with your young musician and reflect on the improvements they’ve made in 2017 and what major milestones they’d like to accomplish in the next twelve months. The key is to set resolutions that are realistic, ambitious, and serve to help them continue to love music!

From all of us here at Valotta Studios, have a wonderfully musical 2018!