Valotta Studios strives to continuously lead with our values and beliefs that all types of learners are welcome with open arms in our studio. Whether a student has special needs, is neurodiverse, or learns best with accommodations, we are here to help everyone. To ensure that we are successful in aiding every individual’s needs, communication is key. Our staff upholds HIPPA confidentiality laws while we assess the individual’s requests, choose programs the individual can succeed in, and pair the individual with teachers that will help them achieve those goals of success. 

If you are an individual with unique needs or care for someone with unique needs, call the office and discuss with us what you are interested in! Here are some options we have:


Private Music Lessons: Private Music Lessons are typically 30 minutes in length with one of our trained music educators once per week. We have highly qualified music educators who have training and experience in adapting lessons to someone who is neurodiverse or has special needs. If you are choosing to sign up for private music lessons, please make sure you communicate with our office staff about your child’s needs so that we can accommodate an appropriate teacher-student pairing. It is important to us that your child has the most successful learning environment possible, and that starts with a teacher who is experienced with all learners.


Adaptive Music Lessons: Adaptive Lessons are private music lessons taught by a music therapist and are intended for students with learning differences and/or special needs who are interested in learning to sing or play an instrument. Adaptive Lessons are facilitated by our board-certified music therapist, Emily Alberici, who holds dual degrees in both music education and music therapy. Emily uses a teaching format that is specialized to the student to accommodate their individual learning differences and/or special needs in each lesson. The primary goal of the lesson is for the student to learn to sing or play the instrument of their choice, while being supported by an accredited music therapist who is trained to meet their individual needs. Examples of these adaptations include: slowing the pace of teaching to provide additional processing time, individualizing the expectations and outcomes, offering periodic breaks during lessons, and any other adaptation that the individual may need.


Music Therapy Services: Music therapy is the individualized and evidence-based use of music interventions to address non-musical goals, including but not limited to motor, cognition, behavior, social, emotional, and speech. Music therapy sessions are available to anyone who is interested or believes they/their loved one could benefit from it, with any diagnosis and across the age spectrum. Our music therapy services begin with an intake meeting to discuss the person’s strengths and need areas, music preferences, participation in other therapeutic services, and anything else the parent/caregiver feels is pertinent. Talking about the client at this detailed level allows the music therapy team to create a cohesive list of goals that are individualized to that person. Once the intake meeting has occurred and possible goals have been formed, the music therapy sessions start and that client’s therapist will facilitate an assessment. As the relationship between the client and the music therapist develops, the therapist begins to have a more comprehensive understanding of the client’s specific needs and can create effective interventions for the client’s continued growth.


Not sure which is the best fit? Click HERE to see a side by side comparison of the 3 programs. 

For more information about our musical programs best designed to accommodate students with special needs, please call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751, or email us at today!