Audrey Drennen is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance at West Chester University, where she studies with Juilliard graduate Carl Cranmer. In 2016 and 2018 she was selected to play for the Dr. Andor Kiszely Honors Recital at Carnegie Hall. She was inspired to learn piano at eight years old when her grandfather had her sit through a Beethoven symphony one Sunday afternoon. While at first deciding that she didn’t like classical music because she didn’t appreciate sitting still for forty five minutes together, the next week she found herself singing the theme to herself, and she very emphatically changed her mind. She has studied the piano ever since. She was encouraged not only by her grandfather but also by her musical aunts, uncles, and cousins. Open mic nights were frequent for her extended family and so she grew up playing for these regularly. It was here she discovered her love for reaching the audience through public speaking; giving background stories about the composers’ lives and sharing why the pieces had personal significance for her. Her desire to connect to people through a deeper understanding of the music and the composers is what drives her passion for teaching. It is her strongest held belief that the students’ motivation will be strongest if it is derived from their curiosity and enthusiasm. Therefore she emphasizes a very careful balance of technical discipline and musical exploration in her teaching. She is absolutely thrilled to be working with so many delightful students at Valotta Studios!

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“My daughter and I are so happy with Miss Audrey! She’s an amazing teacher, and my daughter looks forward to attending the lessons every week. I’ve even noticed she’s practicing piano more frequently than before. I truly appreciate Audrey’s time and effort!”

– Rameena, Valotta parent