Marco Newsome is a teacher and musician with his B. Mus in Composition from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has been playing piano since the age of age 8. His earliest influences in music were classic jazz standards and he would fill most of his free time plunking out the melodies to tunes he heard around him. At the age of 12, Marco was introduced to guitar and began teaching himself various styles of playing and musical genres including folk and blues. By high school, Marco was studying classical piano as well as guitar and saxophone which aided in his acceptance to University of the Arts (with a dual instrumental focus on piano and guitar) where he studied the next four years amongst some of Philadelphia’s finest musicians. Marco aims to provide his students with the highest possible quality, education, and direction, as he says “nothing feels better than sharing in someone’s successes!”


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My son has been taking piano lesson since October 2021. He was paired up with Mr. Marco and the match was a true success! My son has an old rocker type soul and enjoys a wide variety of music. While Mr. Marco was getting to know him and his interests in music style, he soon figured out how to approach the lessons when my son requested to learn some QUEEN. Their teacher-student relationship grew with Mr. Marco catering to the style of my son, with of course, growing techniques of scales and finger exercises. 

In the spring of 2022, my son had a project for school in which he had to research a famous person and dress/act the role for the presentation. My son chose JOHN LENNON. Marco jumped right into this assignment, passed some research of the musician and began to arrange a simple piece of “imagine” which my son performed for his presentation in front of the entire class. More success!!! 
We truly have been over the moon with our experience at Valotta and the cool-calm-approachable professional vibe Mr. Marco has with my son. The willingness to practice piano comes natural in our home, which absolutely comes from who motivates it!

– Molly, Valotta parent

Andy really appreciates his lessons with Marco. He’s disappointed that they only have a few lessons left before he goes to college himself! I’m happy to share that he doesn’t call them “guitar” lessons. In our house, he has “music with Marco” because of their broad reaching discussions!

– Travis, Valotta parent