Susan holds a Bachelor’s in Music Education from West Chester University as well as a BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) from Villanova University’s School of Business and graduated with honors in both cases. She also completed the Graduate Certification program in Piano Pedagogy at West Chester University. More recently, she became a certified teacher in the Royal Conservatory’s nationally-standardized Music Development Program.  Susan currently serves on the executive board and is former president of MLMTA (Main Line Music Teachers Association), and she is an active member of the MTNA (National Music Teachers Association) and the PMTA (a state affiliate of the MTNA).  Susan has been playing the piano since she was a child and has been teaching for approximately 10 years.  She teaches all levels and ages, focusing on providing a quality, innovative teaching approach for each individual student. Susan is devoted to life-long learning and she enjoys sharing her passion for the piano with her students.  She is also involved in musical activities with teaching colleagues, her church, and in the greater community.


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Susan has been a great teacher for my girls. My yountest started learning piano with Susan and she really enjoyed the themed recitals and fun activities that Susan incorporated into her teaching to keep her engaged. My oldest started with Susan after several years of learning Piano and Susan has really challenged her to learn pieces and theory that are outside her comfort zone. Susan also involves her in the process when picking new pieces.”

– Alpana, Valotta parent