Take a look at what other local parents are saying about Valotta Studios!

“My son Alexander loved his Kindermusik class at Valotta Studios! It was his first introduction to a group class environment and he loved it – it was fun, interactive, and educational. Nadine was a positive instructor, encouraging their individualism and creativity while maintaining some structure, which was helpful in laying early foundations for school. I’ve also been amazed at how much he has learned in piano at age 4! We have been very happy with all programs offered through Valotta Studios!

– Sophia Goverov, Valotta Studios parent

“I couldn’t be happier with the teachers and overall experience that Valotta Studios provides! My son Gavin started taking piano lessons a little over 3 years ago, while my son Gabriel started taking violin lessons about 2 years ago. Both of my boys are happy with their lessons – they are always eager to go to their lessons and practice at home. Because of Gabriel’s private lessons, he was able to successfully audition for the LMS Chamber Orchestra. I highly recommend Valotta Studios!

– Grace Que, Valotta Studios parent

“My daughter recently asked to take guitar lessons. I decided to give Valotta Studios a call, and I was immediately impressed. Valotta Studios took the time to ask me questions about how my daughter learns and what motivates her. The office staff then made a recommendation on which teacher they thought would be the best match for her, and guess what? They were right! My daughter loves her teacher and the new songs she is learning. I am true fan of Valotta Studios!

– Ann Kelly, Valotta Studios parent

“Mr. John does an amazing job keeping both my kids motivated and excited about learning. He has been working with my daughter for more than five years and he worked with my son all the way through high school until we moved him out to college this fall. They are lucky to have such a fun and engaging teacher!

– Ann Kelly, Valotta Studios parent

“My seven year old daughter participated in Plucky Players this fall. This was a perfect way to introduce her to the violin and let her try it out in a fun environment! I was shocked by how much she learned in such a short time. Miss Christine handled the small group beautifully. The kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves and my daughter was able to play in a small recital for their parents during the last class which we all enjoyed! My daughter was extremely proud of what she had learned and anxious to begin private violin lessons at the studio immediately!

– Mia Pustai, Valotta Studios parent

“I have a little boy who is smart, very verbal, has a great attention span and a desire to do EVERYTHING! When he was 2, I wanted him exposed to music, but no program would work with me since he wasn’t the minimum of 4. I was referred to Valotta Studios by a friend and when I called, they listened and said yes! Miss Nadine created a program for him that would meet him at his level. He is gaining skills with the piano one key at a time and talks about Miss Nadine constantly. We are so so lucky that Valotta Studios gave us a chance. We happily come every week!

– Bethany Piccone, Valotta Studios parent

“Aidan and Gavin have been attending Valotta Studios for a couple of years now and have blossomed into talented pianists. This year we decided to invest in trumpet and sax lessons as well, and these private lessons have made a huge difference and helped supplement and augment their performance in school band. We are grateful for Valotta Studios and the teachers who have helped the boys become great musicians.We, as parents, hear them practicing and can attest to the improvements in sound, posture, and more motivation and passion for practicing. Thank you Valotta Studios!”

– Kristin & Andy Taylor, Valotta Studios parents

“It’s very important is to make sure your child has an enjoyable lesson as well as a constructive one, otherwise they just won’t want to practice or continue with their instrument. That’s what we love about Miss Nadine and Valotta Studios! We have noticed great improvements in Remy’s tone and technique, all of which we attribute to her teacher. This sort of thing just doesn’t happen in High School band class. Lessons at Valotta Studios have made Remy a better player!

– Gary Roskin, Valotta Studios parent

For more information about Valotta Studios and what we offer, please call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751, or email us at Info.ValottaStudios@gmail.com today!