EXCLUSIVELY AT VALOTTA STUDIOS – Immerse your toddler in the world of music! Tiny Tots offers private music sessions to help your child develop physically, emotionally and mentally through music, all while preparing them to move onto private lessons. Exposure to various types of music creates new pathways in the brain, allowing for your child to use these new pathways for other activities in their daily life. Each session also works to develop fine and gross motor skills through playing various toddler-friendly instruments and dance movement activities. Your toddler will also learn all the basics of music education such as tempo, matching pitch through singing and keeping a steady beat in a fun-filled. individualized class.

We have a few wonderful Tiny Tots teachers that are happy to work with our little musicians, and we are ready to schedule! Why wait until preschool to start building a musical future? Call (484) 639-5751 today to ask about Tiny Tots for your young one!

I have a little boy who is smart, very verbal, has a great attention span and a desire to do EVERYTHING! When he was 2, I wanted him exposed to music, but no other studio would work with me since he wasn’t the minimum of 4. I was referred to Valotta Studios by a friend and when I called, they listened and said yes! Miss Nadine created a program for him that would meet him at his level. He is gaining musical skills and talks about his teacher constantly. We are so so lucky that Valotta Studios gave us a chance. We happily come every week!”

– Bethany Piccone, Valotta Studios parent

For more information about Tiny Tots, including pricing and scheduling, please call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751, or email us at Info.ValottaStudios@gmail.com today!