In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valotta Studios took action and transitioned all lessons to a virtual format through Zoom. While this was initially planned to be a temporary measure to continue our students’ education, virtual lessons have been a huge success! As our studio continues to grow and we continue to reach a larger area, we have decided to integrate virtual lessons as a regular part of our private lessons program. Whether you are just down the road or across county lines, virtual lessons are available to you! Our teachers are available throughout the week, and we are able to teach every regular in-studio instrument online. Fill in the form below to learn more!

Valotta Studios is dedicated to teaching private, individualized music lessons for a wide variety of instruments. Each teacher at Valotta Studios is well trained and highly qualified to teach their particular instrument. Our teachers design every lesson to fit the needs of the individual student. Within our lessons, students will learn proper technique and develop a lifelong passion for their instrument through classical and popular music. Most of all, Valotta Studios strives to make each lesson FUN!


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My son recently transitioned to virtual lessons, and he loves that Miss Lia provides the same quality lessons as if we were in-person and always offers the best advise and reminders for Jason to improve his playing skills. We really appreciate that!

– Lin, Valotta Studios parent

For more information about our Virtual Lessons, including pricing and scheduling, please call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751, or email us at today!