Hello parents & students!
Our Virtual Recitals begin this weekend, and I wanted to share a few tips & reminders to help everyone prepare. This will be our first opportunity to connect our students and families through Zoom performances, and we hope to make this a wonderful experience!
To set up, we suggest that students use the newest device in the house in a location close to the router or modem. They should be far back enough to be fully visible to the camera (so please be sure to dress to impress!) and the room should be free of any clutter or distractions. 
For greater audio clarity, we recommend that you adjust the settings in Zoom to “Turn Original Audio On” – please see Miss Emily’s tutorial by clicking here! We also suggest that you mute all alarms and notifications on that device. To further cut down on background noise, we will be muting everyone except the student performing or the teacher speaking at any given moment. 
You will receive your teacher’s Zoom link as well as a PDF program on the morning of the performance. You are welcome to share the video session link with as many friends and family as you would like, though for security purposes we ask that you do not share your recital’s video session link on Facebook or on any public pages. We also ask that students log on at least fifteen minutes early to tune and to take a “group picture” with their teacher, after which the teacher will admit all other guests to the video session. 
We are stoked to host our recitals online this semester! It may seem intimidating at first, but as I always tell my own students- “Play Loud, Don’t Rush, and Remember to Smile“. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
– Mr. John